Single Herbs for Common Ailments

If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if
I may not have it at the beginning.

Mahatma Gandhi

 With the belief in our everyday life, let us look at simple concoctions that aim at spreading health by driving away ailments that are not too severe and occur commonly.

We start with the ‘Cinnamon’ which is called as the ‘Taj’ in Ayurveda. This is an appetite stimulant and is very effective against respiratory problems. ‘Myrrh’ termed as ‘Bola’ in the Vedas is effective against Gum disease and mouth ulcers. It is also recommended for haemorrhoids and problems related to menstruation. The common Indian condiment ‘Garlic’ called as the ‘Lashuna’ by Ancient Indian texts is reputed to be effective in Toxin elimination. As a tonic it helps in first line treatment to flu symptoms, fluid retention and stiff joints. ‘Mustard’ is known as ‘Rai’ in Vaidya circles. It acts well against Backache, constipation, coughs and colds. The common vegetable ‘Onion’ known in the samhitas as ‘Dungri’ works against Colds, skin disorders, joint problems and asthma. The quickly popularising ‘Aloe’ known as ‘Kumari’ in this tradition is recommended as a Purgative. The tonic made from Aloe is applied to burns and inflammation. ‘Ginger’, the tuber is known as ‘Ardraka’ in Sanskrit. It is a treatment for Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, headaches, colds and other forms of influenza. ‘Cloves’ or ‘Lavanga’ is a remedy for Colds, toothache, indigestion and asthma. ‘Nutmeg’ (Jalpala) is an Appetite stimulant and acts effectively against flatulence. It can also be recommended for vomiting, stress and insomnia (that is, Sleeplessness). Haldi, popularly known as Tumeric, aids as an Immunity support and fights diabetes, improves circulation and combats anaemia.

Hope this piece of information helps you in the first line of home treatment the Vedic way!