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Let me present before the esteemed reader an argument forwarded by Prof. Ram Harsh Singh of the Banaras Hindu University. He explores the quantum logic in Ayurvedic tradition and here is one strain of his paper.

The Loka-Purusha Samya, a seminal doctrine of the Vedic tradition maintains that Ayu or the individual life entity is essentially a Four-dimensional entity comprising of the physical body, the senses, the psyche and the Soul (the consciousness). This encompasses the complete understanding of the Macrocosm-Microcosm continuum that we shall explore later in this blog. Basing its principle foundations on this philosophy, Ayurveda considers the Consciousness, denoted here by the Soul, also referred to as the Chetana as the primordian non-physical consmic power responsible for the creation of the entire material and nonmaterial universe. This cosmic power, is in philosophical terms, Brahman. The Brahman pervades and occupies in each living being, this extended fractional consciousness pervasive in all of us is the Atman. Thus vedantic philosophy argues that the Atman and the Brahman are a continuum. The thought also goes as far as to reason the clouding of reason in identifying this pervasive consciousness, due to the presence of a Maya; i.e. Ignorance. This is suggested to be over-ridden by Sadhana. Summarizing the note, a united field of Consciousness as conceived in Vedic traditions thus simulates the contemporary theory of United Field of Energy in Modern Physics (The theory basically explains that all fundamental forces and elementary particles hitherto explained by Physics can be written in terms of a single field. Doesn’t it strike a thought, now? A simplistic understanding of the theory, extracted from, is available below).