Today’s Meat in Ayurveda

That meat of today does not meet the guidelines for healthy eating is undisputed. It is also widely proven in scientific circles that humans are also more suited to a predominantly vegetarian diet. Academics from the University of Arkansas and the John Hopkins School of Medicine have conducted extensive research to prove that the teeth and jaws of human ancestors were used for cutting through foods like fruits, nuts, shoots, leaves, flowers and insects-not the flesh of other animals.

Moreover, meat is a not an easily digestible food and the long digestive process often leads to the formation of toxins—and when accumulated in the body, produces kidney stones, gout, gallstones and rheumatism. Dr Jenson, a leading American nutritionist, expresses this concept clearly when he says,

Animal proteins putrefy very quickly in  the intestinal tract, and that is why we should be careful with meats…meat is one of the most putrefactive foods…toxic protein byproducts may find their way into the bloodstream, where they cause a great deal of trouble.”

These are some ideas concerning Meat eating in the modern culture. Given that our occupations are vastly different from those pursued in the samhita age, we should be even more cautious in our food intake. Kerala Ayurveda Centre wishes you an enriching Vegetarian platter everyday!