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The Neem, rarity of a species with wholesome utility, is Ayurveda’s most basic and profoundly beneficial of herbs.

A twig with two leaves of the Neem has flown from the lush Greenery of the Western Ghats in India to nestle in the incredibly hospitable city-state of Singapore, represented by the delightful freshness in Pink.

This twig-bird rises to the occasion to deliver the wisdom of Charaka and takes wings in our founders E J Joshi and his wife Bindu Joshi – both accomplished practitioners of this ancient science from ‘God’s own country’ Kerala, a state in India.

The green and blue tinted leaves represent the values they prize above all – Purity and Trust.

Also, the unyielding green represents the spirit of the young and the new, and the placid blue connotes to the permanence of tradition and heritage and their peaceful co-existence is our hallmark.